Great food can be grown in Central Australia and it is the aim of this project to show you where some of it is.

We hope this Food Map connects adventurous eaters to the overhanging fruit in back alleyways, over fences, or in public spaces as well as connecting us to the larger growing areas further out of town. The Food Map will delight the urban food forager who can search for a particular type of food, or can search in a particular area to find out what’s growing nearby. You can also log-in to contribute known food locations, add photographs, and make these either public or private. Public photographs will be displayed, whereas private ones will not be displayed.

Can we make our town one step closer to being resilient from the price of long-haul transport, extremes of weather and the variances in market prices?  Can we diversify our food systems? We hope so. But the only way to do this is to ensure that food is produced, valued, and eaten right here in Alice Springs.

The food-mapping project, funded under the Environment NT Grant, is in 2-parts with the website accompanied by a Food Systems of Alice Springs report published on our website The report provides an initial overview of the Alice Springs food system, including where food is coming from, how it is distributed, where it ends up and where locally produced food goes.  In doing so, the report identifies major barriers to acquiring food locally, information gaps and possible next steps.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate the Food Mapping project brought to you by desertSMART COOLmob.


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